porte12 said: To the anon who lost their loved one, I was in that same boat going on 6 months ago. I promise you that it gets easier. Yes, you may miss them more and more every day but the pain gets easier to handle. I had amazing support from friends and I truly believe that's what's helped me move on. You'll make it, I promise. Take the time to grieve, cry, get mad and angry. Maybe write in a journal. I write letters to Noah all the time and tell him about my daily life. Your SO would want you to be happy!

Thanks for your kind a beautiful words towards our anon. I’m sorry both of you and many others are going through this, it breaks my heart. -Magdielis

Anonymous said: Just needed to get this off my chest. I miss my fiancé. I wish it was me who's dead and not him. Everywhere I go I see those military couples who get surprised by their partner's homecoming and I'm just there knowing he'll never be there. I don't even know how to live without him. I have nothing left of him.

I’m not sure if you wanted this to be a confession.. but I’m going to make it into one. I am so very sorry for your loss. I can’t describe the feeling in my stomach when I read this. I could say sorry over and over and over again and it wouldn’t amount to how i feel about this situation. I hope you realize your worth and strength and it hurts so badly to hear you say you wish you were the one that was dead. I want you to know that I admire your strength to overcome this situation and I hope you continue to do so for the rest of your life. I hope I don’t offend you by saying this, but, you will get your homecoming one day, it may be prolonged, waited on, and later than you wanted, hoped, and wished for; but one day you will meet again, and it will be a homecoming. Please stay strong, and know that I’m here to talk whenever, anon or not. I will be thinking about you. 

XOXO -Sarah

Anonymous said: I've been casually dating a Marine from Lejeune who's currently in Quantico doing pre-deployment training. I know he is deploying sometime next year and even though I'm not sure I could handle being a milso, all I want is to put a label on our relationship because we are rely great together. The problem is, I'm not sure he wants to put a girl through a deployment in that situation. How do I tell him I would be proud to be his girlfriend even if it started off with 8 months of loneliness?

Tell him tell him tell him! Tell him you know it’ll be hard, you know it’ll be crapy, you know it’ll be different than any other relationship you have, but let him know that it’ll be worth it. You never know what you’re capable of until you try it. if it fails, hey, you tried right? I used to say i would NEVER EVER be able to do what I do now. It’s hard being away from someone you love, but it gets a bit easier, you get used to it. You just have to focus on your life as well. If you’re great together now, you’ll be even more great when you get the chance to experience a relationship like this. You will love deeper, appreciate more, and come out stronger!!


Anonymous said: I'm struggling a little bit with my wife. She's training to fly A-10's and about to start in on the gun and ordinance and I'm having trouble reconciling the woman that curls up in my lap and the one who wants to "kill people and break their stuff". She was already AF when we met, so I've always known this was where it was going, but now it's here and I don't really know how to deal. I'm female, it's not a macho thing.We've talked but we're struggling to understand each other's sides. Any advice?

I’ve never got a question like this before, and I’ve never thought about it from your point of view too much. To be honest with you, I try not to.. I understand where you’re coming from, even more now that Ian has been deployed and changed a lot while he was there. Its like two sides to the person.. What I try my hardest to do, and encourage you to do, is, look at it like a job. you have a job, you have a job life and a home life. you probably mostly keep your work life and your home life separate. Try to allow her and work with her to keep her work life and home life separate. Although it seems easy, its not. Perhaps counseling would be good to talk it out or come up with different options together as to how to work on this. Its very difficult loving someone with a difficult and hard to understand job. I’m sorry if this isn’t too helpful. Just know that I’m always here to talk and I’m wishing the best for you and your wife!!

XOXO -Sarah

Anonymous said: My boyfriend is leaving for basic in October, and I'm starting college (we both graduated high school this June). I've been hearing rumors that he wants to propose to me right after basic but I'm torn. We will have been together for 2 years when he gets out and I know that I want to marry him at some point in my life, but the idea of being engaged at 18 scares me. I've kinda mentioned it to him but it just makes him sad and he keeps saying "the military makes everything different". Any advice?

Truth is, the military doesn’t make everything different. People just choose to believe that it does, or feel that it does. If you’re not ready, then you are not ready. Thats not an issue or a problem or something you should be worried about at ALL. I have a huge amount of respect that you are honest enough to know that you aren’t ready. I think you need to sit down and talk with him and tell him you want it at some point in your life, but not right now. the military only makes it different if you allow it to! Do not feel forced or obligated to do this, do it when you’re ready or it won’t feel right!!


Veteran Resources

Love your page! Keep up the awesome work!

I recently published a piece on resources for veterans to get into tech as well as some amazing startups founded by veterans! I am super passionate about promoting programming as a career for veterans and I would love to share my research. I think it would be a good resource for your page and feel free to reach out at tatiana@thinkful.com. I would really appreciate any retweets, shares, or reblogs!

Thank you,

Vets in Tech: Resources to Enlist your Inner Programmer


Anonymous said: My girlfriend is shipping out to boot camp (Marines) in a month and I'm terrified that she will getting treated different because she is in a same-sex relationship with me. Is that a justifiable fear???

I totally understand why you would be nervous of her being treated differently. The whole situation is rather nerve-wrecking. I do know a few people in same-sex relationships that went through boot camp, and i haven’t heard of any bad stories or anyone being treated differently. I have a few friends who have been in for awhile now and they don’t get treated differently either! I think she will do great and be fine! Both of you stay strong!! 

XOXO -Sarah

Confession #970: Seeing him this past week for the first time was the best thing in the world. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him when he gets out. Then the next thing i knew we were saying goodbye. Eight months is a long time but I didn’t mean to cry as much as i did i knew it was selfish and it hurt him. Have you ever seen a Marine cry? Thats a sight that will rip your heart out! Now he’s gone.
All respects to the owner of this photo, found here

Confession #970: Seeing him this past week for the first time was the best thing in the world. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him when he gets out. Then the next thing i knew we were saying goodbye. Eight months is a long time but I didn’t mean to cry as much as i did i knew it was selfish and it hurt him. Have you ever seen a Marine cry? Thats a sight that will rip your heart out! Now he’s gone.

All respects to the owner of this photo, found here

Anonymous said: I'm having a hard time right now with my navy bf. We've never really fought and relationship wise are we are great, he's my first love, I miss him lots and am 100% supportive of his decision. Recently a lot has happened in my life with family that has taken a turn for the worse and I need advise. I haven't told him what happened yet because I don't want to add more stress on him, and I know he's in hell week. I'm not sure what to do.. i need support too but feel like I can't complain to him..

I’m not sure if this is a question or a confession. but if it is a confession just message me back and I’ll make it for you! I’m really sorry about everything going on with your family. I understand that you don’t want to add more stress on him since he is in hell week. Maybe you can hold off until things have settled down for him a little and THEN update him on whats going on, let him know you didnt tell him right away because you wanted him to be focused on his job. You are right, you do need support, and letting him know whats going on is NOT complaining, sometimes you need someone to talk to, and thats completely 100% okay! 


Anonymous said: My boyfriend wants to be in Marines and I have barely any knowledge about it. I don't ever know where to look because I don't know what is reliable and I don't know what I'm looking for. Whenever I ask someone straight up about it, I feel like an idiot and people look at me like I'm stupid. I want to be more educated about the Marines, but I'm tired of looking stupid. Can you please help me find somewhere I can look that gives me helpful information that I can actually understand.

Hello! I totally understand where you’re coming from, but don’t worry. I’ve been with Ian for almost three years and there are still PLENTY of things that I don’t know or understand about his job. I’m ALWAYS asking Ian different things, even if they sound stupid. Lucky for us gals, if you’re on tumblr, you can easy head over to some blogs and ask anonymously! I will link some great tumblrs that have awesome information to help. 

http://www.usmchangout.com/military/branches/usmc/facts/jarheadjargon.htm#.U9EwgONdVU4 (not sure how legit this is, but USMC has a lot of different “lingo” they call Jarhead, its nice to understand this after your man is a Marine) 

I hope I helped you out!! 

XOXO -Sarah

**If anyone has any websites or blogs to recommend, put it in the ask and I will add it to the list!!**